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Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning Advisors

Oracle enterprise resource planning advisors could be described as a form of professional trained to help companies make the most of their ERP system. They can assist in creating a robust and scalable software system that is able to meet the needs of any company, no whether it is large or small. Many businesses are eager to retain these professionals to aid them in their quest for efficiency.

Peloton Consulting Group

Peloton Consulting Group has assembled an outstanding team of functional and technical experts to assist organizations in driving business transformation. The team offers industry expertise as well as advisory and managed services with a collaborative approach. The company is dedicated to driving meaningful change and assisting clients to achieve their goals. It also offers an engaging and stimulating environment.

Peloton is a pioneer in the industry and has earned a stellar reputation for its quality services and projects. The advisory services offered by the company help clients visualize the possible. The company also provides process and structural support as well as managed services.

As one of the top Oracle enterprise resource planning consultants, Peloton has the experience and track record of success to provide your company with a variety of Oracle Cloud solutions. This includes ERP Financials, EBS upgrades, cloud integration, and more. Peloton has been an Oracle client for over 20 years. They have helped their clients achieve significant performance improvements through digital transformation.

Peloton clients can utilize the cloud to automate and streamline their business processes. They can better manage their human capital and accounting as well as procurement. Peloton’s ERP solutions also allow businesses to anticipate and adapt to changing conditions.

AXIA Consulting

AXIA Consulting’s Oracle consulting practice has the resources and experience to create a comprehensive plan for your business. Experts will review the current conditions and come up with an elaborate implementation plan. Then, they’ll lead your team to an effective go-live.

AXIA consultants have the knowledge to determine the Cloud-based ERP solution that’s right for your business. In addition their OCM for ERP Success Toolkit can provide you with the top practices and technology to aid you in reaching your goals.

AXIA’s experts are able to help you maximize your investment, from data conversion through best practices for your company. They will help you learn how to align your processes with the latest technology, optimize data, and streamline your operations.

They’ll help make your business more efficient, flexible and profitable. Plus, they’ll help you expand your business to accommodate future growth. No matter if you’re starting out or are looking to expand, AXIA consultants will show you how to make use of the latest and greatest applications and services.

AXIA’s Oracle SCM experts will help you make the most of Oracle’s built-in assets to improve efficiency, productivity, and profitability. Additionally, they can improve your manufacturing and supply chain processes.


Infosys is a global supplier of IT services that aid businesses adapt to the digital age. The company offers a wide variety of solutions that include IT consulting applications management, as well as Oracle upgrades. It also offers services like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, oracle enterprise resource planning advisor and application management.

Infosys experienced a strong growth in its software business during fiscal 2017. Despite declining revenues however, the company remained profitable with operating profits. The company experienced an 2.4 percent increase in operating profits. This was due to its strong performance in its high-growth business software.

Infosys its latest offerings have helped the company gain a substantial number of clients. AiKiDo offerings, a collection of solutions that are based on AI, help the company deliver next-generation services.

At Oracle OpenWorld Europe Infosys’s ingenuous business strategy was evident as well as its industry-leading expertise. Infosys is a Platinum Cloud Elite member in the Oracle PartnerNetwork. The company is an Oracle partner and offers support and assistance for the Oracle ERP platform.

Infosys provides a wide range of solutions to customers, including cloud-based business applications. With its unique knowledge base and capabilities in cloud computing and machine learning, Infosys can meet a broad range of requirements. For example Infosys has teamed with General Electric to deliver automation solutions.


Cognizant is a global leader in professional services. Its offerings include IT consulting and outsourcing business processes. At present, Cognizant has offices in 48 countries. They provide services to clients in the United States and around the globe, and have annual revenues of $16.5 billion.

They provide solutions in areas like financial and treasury as well as health, human resources, and more. For example, they have helped Ally Bank integrate third-party technologies.

Their Oracle ERP services are designed for businesses to cut expenses and improve productivity. They also provide services that assist users in improving control and security. These include portfolios of projects as well as assessments, migrations, and portfolios for clients.

The company is a member the Nasdaq-100. They have offices in 48 countries and 318,400 employees. They are a military-friendly employer, and offer other benefits.

The organization is currently looking for Solution Architects as well as Lead Oracle Financial Consultants. Candidates must have experience in Oracle ERP Cloud implementation. In addition, they must to have a successful track record of working with Oracle Financial Applications.

The ideal candidate has an average of 12 to 15 years’ working in a technical position and have a solid understanding of procurement contracts, and a background in fit advantage analysis. The person must be able work closely with the consultant management and lead the team to be successful.

Frontera Consulting

oracle enterprise Resource planning Advisor ERP consultants can help ensure that the process of onboarding is smooth and efficient. They can also assist in reducing costs. With the right tools, they can assist companies in improving their operations and improve productivity.

Frontera Consulting has been providing services to global organizations for a number of decades. Their experts are proficient in the implementation of ERP and cloud-based solutions for companies. The company has offices in Europe and Asia. The company was among the first partners to provide Oracle Cloud services in North America. Frontera offers a small, personal approach to each client and has a global reach.

Frontera provides a range of services that include cloud integration, ERP, and strategy development. Their database can help clients gain an understanding of their IT transformation projects. Additionally, they offer certifications in operations and finance management as well as project management.

Oracle’s latest ERP products are designed to assist clients improve productivity, control, and manage their business. Frontera also utilizes Oracle Cloud for remote working. In the end, their employees are able to focus on strategic business initiatives instead of managing technology projects.

Frontera Consulting offers services to a variety of industries, including manufacturing, distribution and retail. They work with companies to design innovative solutions to difficult issues. This includes data analytics, ERP and EPM.


Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), is one of the most effective ways to boost productivity. These services can be utilized to manage financials and supply chain management, as well as other core business processes. Modernization, or a refresh, of an Oracle ERP system can be an important step towards achieving your enterprise’s goals.

There are many consulting firms that can assist. Qubix and Capgemini are two of the most popular. These companies specialize in the implementation as well as the management and integration of Oracle ERP systems.

ERP Solutions Review has named Qubix one of the top 15 Oracle ERP implementers in 2022. They offer a variety Oracle ERP services, ranging from business process management to cloud migrations.

Among their many offerings are a variety of technological and consulting services, from mobile and software development to cloud integration and data security. A well-resourced global team of Oracle experts is also available to the company. Qubix, despite its small size, offers a robust suite of solutions that will ensure your business is ahead of the rest.

The most appealing aspect is that their solutions are designed to be agile that allows them to adapt to changes in your organization’s needs.


Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Consultants, also known as advisors are experts who offer advice to organizations who are who are implementing ERP solutions from Oracle. They can assist in onboarding and offer suggestions to improve business processes and cut costs.

Capgemini, a global consulting firm that provides digital transformation services, is based in London. Capgemini has a team of Oracle-specific experts and resources that can provide end-to-end solutions that utilize the entire Oracle Cloud.

The company also assists clients tackle complex problems and is focused on business transformation. The company offers safe transformation strategies, actionable roadmaps, as well as enterprise-wide solutions.

Capgemini recently extended its reach to U.S. government markets. The majority of its business in the U.S. comes from the federal and state markets. In 2009, the company generated $10 billion in revenue. The majority of these revenues were derived from technology services.

The company has been chosen as the prime contractor for the multibillion-dollar Tricare military health care contract. The company has invested a number of millions of dollars in the U.S. government over the past two years.

Capgemini also manages most HM Revenue and Custom’s computing environment and apps. Capgemini is expanding its capabilities in health care, verification systems, and enterprise resource planning. It hopes to replicate the success of its overseas presence.

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