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Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning Advisors

Oracle enterprise resource planning advisors are a kind of professional who has been trained to steer companies in the best direction to get the most out of their ERP system. They can assist in creating an efficient and scalable software system that is able to meet the needs of any company, no whether it is large or small. Many businesses are eager to retain these experts to aid them in their quest to improve efficiency.

Peloton Consulting Group

Peloton Consulting Group has assembled a group of outstanding functional and technical experts to assist organizations in accelerating business transformation. Through a collaborative approach the team provides industry expertise along with advisory services as well as managed services. The company is committed to driving meaningful change and helping customers achieve their goals. It also offers an environment that is engaging.

A pioneer in the field, Peloton has earned an excellent reputation for the quality of its projects and services. Peloton’s advisory service helps clients see the possibilities. The company also provides structural and process support, as well as managed services.

Peloton is a leading Oracle ERP advisor and has a track record to assist your company with a wide selection of Oracle Cloud solutions. This includes ERP Financials, EBS upgrades, cloud integration, and more. For more than 20 years, Peloton has been an Oracle client. Over the years, they have helped their clients achieve significant performance improvements through digital transformation.

Through the cloud, Peloton clients are able to simplify and automate their business processes. They can manage their human capital as well as their accounting and procurement. Peloton’s ERP solutions also allow companies to predict and respond to changes in the environment.

AXIA Consulting

AXIA Consulting’s Oracle consulting team has the experience and resources to come up with an entire plan that is suited to your business. Experts will assess your current business environment and design an entire implementation plan. They’ll guide your team through an effective live-launch.

AXIA consultants have years of expertise in choosing the right cloud-based ERP solution for your company. Additionally their OCM for ERP Success Toolkit will provide you with the most effective practices and technology to help you achieve your goals.

AXIA’s experts can help you maximize your investment, from data conversion to the best practices for your company. They’ll help you adapt your processes to the latest technology optimize your data and streamline your business processes.

They’ll help make your business more profitable, flexible and efficient. Plus, they’ll help you grow your business for the future expansion. AXIA consultants can assist you in making the most of the most recent applications and services, regardless whether you’re just starting out or looking to grow.

For instance AXIA’s Oracle SCM consultants will help you harness the power of Oracle’s built-in assets in order to improve efficiency and productivity. They can also help you improve your supply chain and manufacturing processes.


Infosys is a global IT services provider that helps enterprises adapt to the digital age. The company offers a wide range of services, including IT consulting applications management, as well as Oracle upgrades. It also provides specialized products and services like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

Infosys experienced a strong growth in its software business in fiscal 2017. Despite a decline in revenue however, the company remained at its operating profit. The company saw a 2.4 percent increase over the previous year in operating profits. This was due to the impressive performance of its new high-growth software business.

Infosys new offerings have helped the company win many clients. AiKiDo offerings, a collection of solutions based on AI, Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning Advisors help the company to provide next-generation services.

At Oracle OpenWorld Europe Infosys’s innovative business strategy was evident and so was its industry-leading expertise. Infosys is a Platinum Cloud Elite member in the Oracle PartnerNetwork. The company is an Oracle partner and provides support and services for the implementation of the Oracle ERP platform.

Infosys provides a broad range of solutions for customers, including cloud-based business applications. Infosys unique knowledge base and capabilities that integrate cloud computing and machine-learning allow it to address a range of requirements of customers. Infosys is partnering with General Electric to provide automation solutions.


Cognizant is a world-class leader in professional services. Its services include IT consulting outsourcing of business processes and technology management. Cognizant currently has offices in 48 countries. They have $16.5 billion in annual revenues and have clients throughout the world as well as the United States.

They provide solutions in areas such as Treasury and financial as well as human resources and health. They have assisted Ally Bank integrate technology from third parties, such as.

Their Oracle ERP services are designed for companies to help them reduce their expenses and improve productivity. They also offer services to enhance security and control. These services include project portfolios assessment, migrations, and portfolios for customers.

The company is a part of the Nasdaq-100. They have offices in 48 countries and 318.400 employees. They are a military-friendly employer, and offer other benefits.

The company is currently looking for Solution Architects as well as Lead Oracle Financial Consultants. Candidates must have experience in Oracle ERP Cloud implementation. Additionally, they have to have a solid track record of working with Oracle Financial Applications.

The ideal candidate should have between 12 and 15 years of experience in a technical job as well as knowledge of procurement contracts, and a background in fit advantage analysis. The candidate should be able to work closely with the consultant team and manage a team of consultants who are successful.

Frontera Consulting

Oracle ERP implementation consultants can help ensure a smooth , efficient onboarding process. They can also cut costs. They can also be used to improve the productivity and operations of businesses.

Frontera Consulting has been serving global organizations for many years. The experts of the company have extensive experience in implementing ERP and cloud-based solutions. The company has offices in Europe and Asia. Frontera was among the first to offer Oracle Cloud services in North America. Frontera offers a small, personal approach to each client and has a global reach.

Frontera provides a range of services including ERP, cloud integration, and strategy development. Their database can help clients gain an understanding of their IT transformation projects. They also offer certifications in operations and finance management, as well as project management.

Oracle’s most recent ERP products can help customers increase their productivity and improve control. Frontera also utilizes Oracle Cloud for remote work. In turn, their employees are focusing more on strategic business initiatives instead of managing technology projects.

Frontera Consulting offers services to various industries, including distribution, manufacturing, and retail. They partner with businesses to develop innovative solutions for complex problems. This includes ERP, data analytics, and EPM.


One of the most effective methods to increase productivity is to utilize Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) services. These are used to manage financials and supply chain processes, as well as other business processes that are essential to business. Modernizing or updating an Oracle ERP system can make an enormous difference in the achievement of your company’s goals.

There are a number of consulting firms available that can assist. Some of the more popular options include Qubix and Capgemini. They specialize in the implementation management, integration, and management of Oracle ERP systems.

Qubix has been recognized by ERP Solutions Review as one of the top 15 Oracle ERP implementers for 2022. They offer a range of Oracle ERP services from business process management to cloud migrations.

In their wide range of offerings, they offer a range of technology and consulting services, from software and mobile development to data security and cloud integration. Qubix also has an experienced global team of experts in Oracle products and services. Despite its modest size, Qubix can deliver a robust range of solutions to ensure that your company stays ahead of the pack.

Their solutions are flexible, which lets them to adapt to the changing requirements within your company.


Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Consultants, also known as advisors, are experts who provide guidance to companies who are considering who are implementing ERP solutions from Oracle. They can help with onboarding procedures and offer suggestions to optimize business processes and Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning Advisors cut costs.

Capgemini, a global consulting company that offers digital transformation services, is located in London. Capgemini has a dedicated group of Oracle-specific experts and resources that are able to offer end-to-end services that make use of the entire Oracle Cloud.

The firm is also focused on business transformation and helps clients tackle complex issues. The company offers the most secure transformation strategies, measurable roadmaps, and solutions for the entire enterprise.

Capgemini recently expanded its reach into U.S. government markets. The state and federal markets account for two-thirds Capgemini’s U.S. business. In 2009, the company earned $10 billion in revenue. The majority of the revenue came from the technology services.

The company was chosen as the prime contractor for a multibillion-dollar Tricare military health care contract. The company has invested million dollars into the U.S. government over the last two years.

Capgemini also manages the majority of HM Revenue and Custom’s computing environment and applications. Capgemini is expanding its capabilities to health care, verification and validation, and enterprise resource planning. It hopes to emulate the success of its overseas presence.

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