Top 5 Van Security Locks Like A Guru With This “secret” Formula

Combining a deadlocking bolt with hook lock made of metal, van security is extraordinary. These lock solutions eliminate the destructive impact of crowbars, which are used by criminals for van burglaries. Hook locks that are of high quality also provide the ability to withstand being ripped open. Check out our top picks for van locks for your vehicle. Learn more about these security features.

Catalytic converter locks

Hook locks are a viable alternative to deadlocks where deadlocks aren’t feasible. Catalytic converters are extremely valuable pieces of machinery which can be snatched away. Their value for scrap depends on the price of platinum as well as the cost of catalytic converters. The thieves will not be capable of selling a catalytic converter of a van at a profit if it’s taken from it. However, cat locks may make it more difficult for thieves to take the converter.

The original, patent-pending converter lock known as CatClamp(r) is the most secure type available. The United States Department of Justice recommends it as it has been proven to be 99.9 percent effective for more than 10 years. The locks are extremely secure, providing added security for van owners. The CatClamp offers a broad range of options, and each offers a variety of features to ensure that van owners can choose the right product for their vehicles.

The CAN bus immobiliser is another type of van security hook lock. It is integrated into van electronics and allows the owner of the van access to it by entering a combination code. To make the combination work it requires the user to press an appropriate button on the dashboard or on the steering wheel. Van thieves can also use a physical device for theft prevention, referred to as a clamp. When combined with an immobiliser this type of lock for hooks is an ideal method of securing a van against thieves.

Another option to protect your van is to install a catalytic converter lock. This is a simple method of adding extra security to your vehicle. It is possible to buy one that has been approved by Thatcham and could lower the cost of insurance. Be sure to employ an expert locksmith to install this new van security lock. These locks stop thieves from removing the metal panels, which makes it easier to take.

You can also add the slamlock feature to your van. These locks replace the door handle and make it difficult for thieves without a key to unlock your van security hook locks. These locks are especially useful for couriers and multi-drop drivers. These locks can protect valuables from being taken by thieves and also serve to secure the vehicle when the driver is not in the vehicle. A good quality slamlock should cost about PS130. However the cost will differ dependent on the van you have.

Surface mounted locks 4 vans hook lock

Locks for Vans has developed various lock kits for electric vehicles, such as the VN5 and EAV cargo bike. Hooklok Pro(r) hooklocks are the top choice for van door locks, with the 12mm laminated bolt as well as hooks of 20mm. Vanlok key systems allow van owners to use one key to open all locks. These locks are perfect for the protection of important cargo, hook deadlocks for vans like motorcycles.

The Pro Plate is specifically designed to protect the vulnerable areas around the handle area on vans. Made of stainless steel of the highest quality, it features fixed studs on the back of the plate’s exterior. The Armourshell Lock is a popular surface mount van security hook lock. It offers excellent visual deterrence and is fitted at an elevated height for maximum security. The Armaplate is designed to guard those areas of vulnerability around the handle of vans.

Slick Locks Hasp Locking System eliminates corrosion issues. It is built on blade brackets, which are custom-engineered to fit van doors of various manufacturers. These brackets join at hinges to form an opening havep. The cylinder lock is covered by the blades. The Slick Locks Cargo Van Security Door Locks Kit includes three components: Blades and Slick Lock Spinner. Weather Covers are also included.

A Dead Lock operates by throwing the bolt into a cylinder attached to the opposite end of the van. It is not susceptible to being picked and doubles as a security feature for the van. It is also made of solid nickel and comes with replacement cables. Hook Deadlocks (Http://Ws.Vplex.Co.Kr/Bbs/Board.Php?Bo_Table=Free&Wr_Id=26387) locks can be utilized on vans that have multiple drop points, like those manufactured by Ford Transit. These locks are ideal for vans that are used for operations or courier services.

Slam Lock disables the factory-fitted opening knob. Instead it installs a second secured lock on the surface inside the van door. The key functions as an opener handle and locks the door when it is closed. Slam locks 4 vans hook lock stop hijackers from gaining access to the van on a busy street. The hooks can be affixed to the cab door to provide additional security. These van locks are highly recommended to all commercial vehicles.

Mechanical deadlocks

The L4V Hook Lock, a mechanical deadlock, functions independently from the vehicle’s factory locking system. The hook bolt deadlocks itself into the door’s frame, hook lock and Hook deadlocks is operated with an external key that is high-security. These hook locks are ideal for applications in which the driver is required for the security of the van. They do not have to be attached to the vehicle. They come with all fitting instructions and fixings, and are keyed alike.

The deadlock cylinder prevents the door from being opened or smashed. It prevents theft by having a key needed to open the door. Van deadlocks come in hook and lever varieties. Whatever style you pick, you’ll receive top-quality security for your van as well as valuable cargo. Here’s how to use deadlocks:

The L4V Deadlock was designed to allow the user more flexibility while still providing additional security when needed. The deadlock locks the door automatically when it is closed and can only be opened by a strong security key. If you’re interested in preventing peeling, you should also consider the L4V Anti-Peel kit, which is installed on the front side of the side load door. In addition, the L4V Hook Lock can also be fitted in the highest security position to ensure that the door won’t be opened accidentally.

There are many costs involved in the installation of a deadlock on a van door. However the Master Locksmiths Association (MLA) offers an average cost to install deadlocks. Prices for fitting deadlocks will vary depending on what type of van you have and where you live. It’s best to check around for estimates. You can also install an slam lock for your van, which does not require keys. As with other types of van locks, these deadlocks for vans are designed so that they lock as soon as the door is shut. Using a land rover key hook is still recommended as WD40 is not a lubricant but an effective cleaner.

Visual deterrent

Hook locks are an effective visual deterrent. They also provide a decent level of security. They work with keys and come with a secondary Mortice lock independent of the manufacturer’s locking system. The Hook Bolt is positioned in a specially-designed keeps and gives vans the highest security. Some van models have hook locks for the side and rear doors. Many couriers and delivery drivers also have locks that slam on their vans.

A mock alarm is a different visual deterrent. A mock alarm costs less than $10 USD. It flashes in a realistic style to create the appearance of an alarm system. Before installing one, Hook deadlocks you should do some research on where the devices are installed. Also shut down your van as if taking a nap. Thieves will be less likely to try to steal your van this way. However, the deterrent won’t be effective if the van isn’t visible.

Van Hook Locks are top quality van locks that come equipped with a key that is a dimple style. Hook lock locks on vans are a fantastic visual deterrent. They deter thieves from ripping off the upper door panel and taking the contents. Hook locks are especially useful in sectors where the driver is dependent on the van’s security. A van that has hook locks is difficult to open without a key due to its dimple-style key.

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